Why should you use translation agencies?

When we need translations, we usually think we can manage on our own, or just ask a friend for some help. We can afford using this approach only in the event that the documents we have are of no significant importance, or for documents which serve solely for our or third parties’ information.

Another approach that you can use for such translations is the free online translators. These programs make machine translations, but they are very inexact and sometimes difficult to understand.

However, when we are speaking about official documents such as contracts, company correspondence, accounting and auditing documents, diplomas, certificates, conviction status certificates or civil marriage certificates, etc., all of them require precision and correctness, in order to understand the meaning of the documents.

There is a big risk in making translations of official documents on our own, except if we are professional translators or have rich experience in such translations. This is the reason that translation agencies exist – in order to make things easy for you and to guarantee that your translation is correct and corresponds to the style and meaning of the document.

We are able to achieve this by selecting our translators in accordance with an established system and by sending them test translations. If they are approved, the next step is to make them licensed translators. “Consular Relations” Directorate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes and monitors the process of licensing both agencies and translators, the documents of the translators that were submitted, as well as their approval. After we receive approval of all documents, the corresponding specialist and the agency are entitled to provide official translations.

Providing legalizations of official documents is another important moment of our activity. We know all procedures and requirements in detail. This way we can save you a lot of time and resources when providing you translation and legalization services.

Who can you trust?

You should trust only translation and legalization agencies, which were certified by the Consular Department and have a contract signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing translation services. A list of all registered agencies is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Trust only agencies that provide comprehensive and competent consultations, have the resources necessary to fulfill your order. You should also be careful with the price of your translation, because very often the low price is an indicator doe using “amateur” translators.

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