The process of legalization can be specified as the process of giving a document legal value for a specific country.

Periods for legalization depend on the authorities which will certify the document. Sometimes additional inspections are required, and new documents are requested or issued.

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There are different ways to legalize a document, depending on its type, but in most cases the main steps are:

1. Prepare your documents for legalization: make sure that all seals and signatures of officials are affixed on the document, and that the document was issued in a form which is appropriate for legalization. Ask whether you need an Apostille, depending on the country for which your documents are intended.

2. In order to legalize your documents, they should be translated by a certified translator, certifying the veracity of the translation with their signature.

3. When the document is translated and the original/duplicate is attached to the translation, after being certified by the corresponding ministry or other authority, Directorate “Consular Relations” makes the final certification of the translator’s signature and/or affixes an Apostille.

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